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Bird Cage DLBR(W)7005 display


A great showcase for your birds! Large wrought iron flight cage for multiple small birds Two large hinged front access doors and six small side access/nest doors Pull-out grille and debris tray for easy cleaning Cage stand base features integrated storage shelf and easy-rolling casters Easy to assemble Ideal for canaries, parakeets and other small to medium size birds

| 6 Reviews |

Erick S. Edmonton AB * * * * *

Great cage. Bought it for our four budgies: Gerry, Eddie, Simon. Lots of room to fly. They really like it. Perfect for budgies. Solid construction. Easy assembly. No missing parts. Packed really well for shipping.

Sam D. Vancouver BC * * * * *

We purchased this cage for our Canary and it is wonderful. It was easy to assemble has wheels and lots of room for him to enjoy. It came in 2 days with no problems.

Amie  Etobicoke ON * * * * *

This cage is spacious, well constructed, and easily assembled with two people. I have four budgies in this cage and they have plenty of room to move around. I would definitely recommend this cage.

Mike. Peaker.  London ON * * * * *

It is exactly what I was hoping for. It did take 2 of us to assemble in about a hour. But once completed it look marvelous, sturdy and plenty of room for my flock of budgies. It arrived promptly and in good condition.

 Angie G. Winnipeg MB  * * * * *

Wasn’t difficult to put together , packaged well and arrived in good time and it is great for my birds and lifestyle. I love the look and size.

Carolina S. Montreal QC * * * * *

I am incredibly happy with this purchase. I bought it for my two budgies and they have all the space they could possibly need and it is solid enough that I am confident that they are safe. The doors are big which makes taking the birds out super simple. If I ever need another cage for small birds, I will be buying this.


Model: DLBR(W)7005

Overall:  H 53”x W 31”x D 20.5”

Cage Height: 40”

Cage Width: 31”

Cage Depth: 20.5

Main Doors: 2- 11” x 10”

Feeding cups: 4- 8”x 2” x 1.5”

Wire Spacing: 11 mm

Wire Size: 1.6 mm

Wooden Perch: 3- 31” x 1”

Color: Wrinkle White

Casters: Plastic 1.75” wheels with Solid Metal Bearings

Space between tray & Shelf: 6.5”

Space between Shelf & floor: 3.75”

White Flight Bird Cage 53” x 31” x 20.5”


MSRP: $ 299.99

You Save $ 120 (40%)

Price: $ 179.99


Delivery Time 2 - 5 Business Days

Canada & USA Ship via UPS

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